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Through our Traditional Advertising and Social Media Marketing tools, we can articulate a network that
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Choosing a book publisher that is committed to the success of your book among the many book publishing
companies and book publishers, is critical to the success of your book.  Book publishing is easy, but marketing
is the secret.  
At New Global publishing we value your book publishing efforts by offering you the best book publishing
programs.  As a
book publisher New Global Publishing will publish, market and give you the best quality of
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Our book publishing services offer you a comprehensive program that includes a full range
services from Professional Editing to aggressive Media and Web based advertisement throughout the
network. In addition, we will have your books also available to be ordered on line through,
Barnes&, Google books and through our site if the general public wishes to order them individually.

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What will New Global Publishing do for you?  

At New global publishing we have the most comprehensive and affordable book publishing packages
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New Global Publishing is committed to making your book publishing efforts worthwhile.  
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When you publish your book under any of our Upgraded packages we teach
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What kind of book publishing services will New Global Publishing offer you?
book publishing features
You write the book!
NGP designs a cover based on
your idea that will capture the attention
of readers and book reviewers.
NGP provides
professional editing
and formatting services
making your book appeal to
book reviewers and
NGP offers publicity through social
media networks from News distribution
to top US Newspapers and online News
releases through Google and Yahoo news.
This most powerful feature is included in
our social media package and offers an
aggressive way to market your book.
NGP will present your
book to be accepted and
featured at the
bookshelves of major
physical bookstores

besides making it available
to major online bookstores
such as,,
google/Froogle books and
We will provide you with
materials and instructions on how
to conduct your very own
book signing events at
your local library or road
While offering authors incredible package deals to publish and market books, New Global Publishing gives its
authors the personal attention they deserve to discuss book formatting of their choice, editing preferences and
features, and marketing strategies.  We target bookstores, libraries and book reviewers on behalf of our authors, in
addition to new features of Media Marketing tools,
FREE Author Website production and design (Your own Domain Name unique to
distinguish your book  from others when you publish under any of our Upgraded Packages)

VIDEO marketing production and Movie trailers about our books published to our
YouTube Channel and under AMAZON videos' reviews
The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) is an
international competition seeking fresh new writing
voices. One of the great new aspects of the contest is
that self-published novels are now eligible to be
submitted. There will also be two categories this year,
Young Adult Fiction, and General Fiction. One Grand
Prize winner from each category will receive a full
publishing contract with Penguin including a $15,000
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The Amazon Breakthrough
Novel Award
AUTHORS who publish with NGP
Inspiring Writer's Song
The Writer by Ellie Goulding
This song shows how writers have the power to
change people and consequently change the
world for better, as writers are instruments of
God for influencing people with the power of
speech. Enjoy "The Writer" by Ellie Goulding
Why don't you be a writer at New Global Publishing,
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“You are the light of
the world.
A city set on a hill
cannot be hidden; nor
does anyone light a
lamp to put it under a
basket, but on the
lamp stand to give
light to all who are in
the house.
“Let your light shine
before men in such a
way that they may see
your good works, and
glorify your Father
who is in heaven.
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