NG Publishing - Upgraded Program
Book Publisher for success!  Publish a book today with New Global Publishing
With the Upgraded program your book will feature at major on-line bookstores
such as, Google/Froogle books, and and it will also be registered in our
fully returnable
program with our distributors allowing your book to be ordered by regular
bookstores.  It will also be in most bookstores databases for ordering worldwide.  

With this program your books will also be featured in one of the book EXPOs of
your choice below:

London Bookfair, BookExpo America, Beijing Book Fair, Frankfurt
Book Fair, or Library Association shows throughout the US.
Here is what we offer you with this program in addition to  
Advertising above:   (
all books are provided an ISBN # and Bar code)
1.  Typesetting of your manuscript.
2.  Cover design (just give us your cover idea or send us your graphic art)
3.  Your book and cover featured at major on-line bookstores such as ready to
be ordered on-line.  
4.  Your book included at 25,000 libraries and bookstores databases ready for orders and
listed with Bowker Books in print.
Your book eligible to be ordered and purchased with purchase orders by libraries
nationwide through distributor's FULLY RETURNABLE program, thus increasing the
chances for your book to feature at Physical Bookstore's shelves throughout the
6.  Free ebook setup and sale on our site.
7.  You receive
25 copies of your finished book.
Your book featured in one of the above Book Expos, Book Fairs, or Library Shows
9.  Publisher Editorial review featured at on-line bookstores
10. Back cover featuring text and author picture
11. Special author volume discounts

The program's full cost is $1,250 dollars if your book is 100 pages
long (5.50 x 8.50).  For books exceeding 100 pages, please add $50
dollars for every set of 50 pages.

PUBLISH NOW(on-line submission)    
To Request more information about this  program, please contact  us  
PACKAGE (for books under 100 pages and sized at 5.50 x 8.50).   If your book
exceeds 100 pages add 50 dollars for every set of 50 pages.