NG Publishing - Standard Package
Book publisher for success!  Publish a book today with New Global Publishing
With the standard program your book will feature at major on-line bookstores
such as and Borders and it will also be placed in most Libraries
and bookstores databases for ordering worldwide.

Here is what we offer you with this program:
(all books are provided with ISBN # and Bar code)

1. Typesetting of your manuscript.

2. A full
colored cover with the graphic design you provide us inserted
on one of  our templates or just choose from one of our finished              
templates found at

3. Your book and cover featured at major on-line bookstores such as and through our site ready to be ordered on-line.  

4. Your book included at 25,000 libraries and bookstores databases for     
backup orders and listed with Bowker Books IN PRINT.

5. Your book included in Books in Print with Baker & Taylor for               
inclusion in  bookstores databases nationwide.

6. Free ebook setup and sale on our site (if you choose to have one).

5. You receive 10 copies of your finished book.

7. Back cover featuring text and author picture.

8. Special author volume discounts.

You can further customize this program by adding
opportunities.  These marketing opportunities consist in real direct
marketing adds,  not just a book with marketing tips for do-it-yourself.  
We do it all for you.  

Check out our
Traditional Marketing Opportunities
and our

Internet Based Marketing Opportunities
(Ranging from the production of a unique and personal WEBSITE designed
exclusively for your book, to email campaigns, Social media network,
Television Advertising targeted to your preferred location, Yahoo and Google
adds, Video and Movie trailer production and more)

Publish Now!  (SUBMIT ON-LINE)

For books containing up to 100 pages the program cost is $435

For books containing from 100 to 150 pages the program cost is $495
For books containing from 150 to 200 the program cost is $565
For books containing from 200 to 250 the program cost is $625
For books containing from 250 to 300 the program cost is $695

If you are planing to use one of our templates, please click on the link Templates to
chose your book cover.

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site, bookmark this page.    
Check out our UPGRADED PROGRAMS  to get
immediate exposure for your title in the media (Forword
magazine and m ore)
No other publisher offers marketing programs included in a publishing package
for such low prices.  We will be pleased to make your book a success.