Book Publishing Services
New Global Publishing
New Global Publishing offers editing services, book and cover design, production, marketing and publicity.

Editing Services
Includes grammar, syntax, punctuation, correction of structural functioning - content, plot and pace)
Our editing is carefully and professionally done by experts in the field of writing and publishing to offer your book the three major
elements of good writing:
clarity, grace and coherence.   Your finished product will meet all the required elements of a  
professionally written book.:  This service feature is included in our
Upgraded Plus package. Be aware that some publisher's offer
these services separately, that is, one package just for correction of basic grammar errors - such as spelling and punctuation, and
another for deeper correction of structural functioning.  The Upgraded Plus package is complete, in that it offers full editing services
and publishing in addition to advertising.

Book Layout Design and Cover Design
You book will have a clean fine format to allow for easy reading and grace.
Graphic design for your book cover is provided to offer you a professional-looking and eye-catching cover. We can incorporate
your photos, graphics, sketches and ideas— to illustrate the ideas or content of your book.  This service is included both under our
Upgraded and Upgraded Plus package.

With New Global Publishing Indexing services, authors can increase the usability of their titles for readers, book buyers, librarians,
and reviewers by including Keywords related to their titles.  

Book Styles and Formats -
Softcover Publishing
Hardcover Publishing
Kindle reader
eBook Publishing
Interior Page Layout
Custom Layout
Table of Content (Two or More)
Custom Headers
B&W Image Insertion
Color Image Insertion

All books published under all packages will have a FULL COLOR COVER unless the author desires to have it in gray
or B & W or two color.

Production Services
Pre-Manuscript Services
Content Submission
Basic Manuscript Formatting Corrections
Customized Manuscript Formatting
Image Scanning
B&W Image Scanning

Post-Page Layout Services
New Global Publishing allows you to make changes to your book after the manuscript has been laid out by our designers. Your first
25 corrections are free of charge.  After 25 corrections, charges may apply.

Marketing Services
Any living thing dies if it does not receive exposure to sunlight.  Therefore, a book needs exposure in order to shine.  This element needs to
play its role in raising the book to be a good seller.  There might be other elements that play in the making of a good book, such as editing
and cover title and design, but most of all, it is the true effort, hard work and determination of the author x publisher that will make a book
Under Marketing Services we offer a variety of tools, including:

Standard Publicity Programs
This includes an add of your book with cover picture in either Targeted Mailings, Bookstore Catalogs and Magazines, Library
Mailings, Books for Reviewers, and Publisher's Weekly Magazine)  - This service is offered under our UpgradedPlus Program).  
Book fairs and book shows throughout the country (Included in the Upgraded Program)

Internet Marketing (Social Media Package)-
Included in our DoubleUpgraded Plus and Triple UpgradedPlus Packages -
(May be sold separately to fit into the Upgraded, Standard and Express packages)

Author Website Design and Setup  
Included in our Triple Upgraded Plus Package)
(May be sold separately to fit into the Upgraded, Standard and Express packages)

Google and Amazon Book Search Inside the book program
(May be added to any program at any time)

Single and Multiple E-mail Marketing Campaigns
(May be added to any program)

Video and Book Trailers included in your Internet campaign
We will design a professional video of your book containing passages of it or description. Depending on how long the trailer is, our
prices for production run from $400 to $1,500. Author Interviews may also be used in the video if appropriate.   

Television Advertisement
The production of your commercial and placement in the channels of your choices is up to us.  You name your target, New Global
Publishing will deliver it for you.  (This service starts at $1,500 and up according to how many spots you desire, what channels and
what times)

Author Advertising Kits
Authors also need to be actively promoting their books, be out there to make appearances in public.  We offer a wide array of
promotional products to help bring out attention to your book:  Fliers, Posters, Bookmarks, Post Cards, Event Marketing kit for
book signing events and public speech - which includes poster of your event and even author business cards.

Book Signing Events
You can maximize your books exposure in the market through professional book signing events that we set up for you near you.

Book Expos Publicity Services  
We offer participation of book in any book Expos throughout the country and at different times in the year. (Included in the
Upgraded Package)

Bookselling Services
Once your book is published, we will make your book available for order online through the New Global Publishing Bookstore,
through,, Google books, Barnes&Noble and throughout more than 25,000 retail outlets worldwide.  

Book Buyers Preview
Booksellers Return Program
Special Presentation of your  book to feature on shelves of the physical bookstores such as Barnes&Noble and Books-a-Million.

ISBN and Bar Code Registration
We protect your work before it is available to the public by registering your title linked to your name through ISBN registration.

U.S. Copyright Registration
Library of Congress Control Number

Unlike some book publishing companies, New Global Publishing authors retain all rights and control decisions around
the publishing and marketing of their book. When your book is finished, it's available for order at more than 25,000
retail outlets nationwide, on the Internet at,, and through the New Global Publishing
online bookstore.

Have your voice in Print, Publish Your Book Today with New Global Publishing
We have 5 packages for you to choose from:

Double UPGRADEDplus
Triple UPGRADEDplus

What does it take for a book to be a best seller??

If you think of a book like a living thing, you will easily figure out what it takes for a book to  be a best seller.  Just as a good athlete needs
to practice for years and have the right nurture from the environment, so does a good book.  A good book is laborious, carefully edited, so
that others will find it easy to understand even if the subject is unknown to them.  But any living thing will die if it does not receive
exposure to sunlight.  Therefore, a book needs exposure in order to shine.   These two elements need to play their role in raising the book
to be a good seller.  One can not exist without the other.  There might be other elements that play in the making of a good book, but most
of all, it is the true effort of hard work and determination of the author x publisher that will make a book shine.     

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