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The Elements of Style / by William Strunk Jr., 1918 ed., published online by the Bartle by Project, Columbia
The classic original text covering rules of usage, principles of composition, a few matters of form, words
and expressions commonly misused and words commonly misspelled.
Guidelines for Converting an Oral Presentation to a Manuscript for Publication / Medical Library Association

Print / Online Publications
AALL Spectrum is an award winning monthly magazine distributed free of charge to members of the
American Association of Law Libraries. AALL Spectrum publishes substantive, well-written articles on
topics of real interest to law librarians, as well as news about the American Association of Law Libraries.
Contact Peter Beck for more information

The American Archivist is the semi-annual journal of the Society of American Archivists.
It publishers articles about  cultural, social, legal, and technological developments that affect the nature of
recorded information and the need to create and maintain it. The American Archivist is a refereed journal.
Each submission will be reviewed by experts in the subject matter of the submission and a final decision
for publication will be based on this review.
Instructions for authors

American Libraries
American Libraries, the official publication of the American Library Association, features articles on
professional concerns and developments.  ALA encourages publication in the news columns of American
Libraries of news about all matters of import to libraries and librarians.
Instructions for authors

Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST)
is an annual publication that reviews numerous topics within the broad field of information science and
technology. The reviews aim to be critical in that they provide the author's expert opinion regarding
developments and activities within the chapter's subject area. The review guides the reader to or from
specific publications.
Contact the Editor for more information

Archival Outlook
Archival Outlook (formerly the SAA Newsletter) reports regional, national, and international news of
relevance to the North American archival profession. In addition, the newsletter updates members on
important business of the Society of American Archivists and on the work of its many committees, sections,
boards, and task forces. Standing columns include how-to information as well as lengthier features
Instructions for authors
How to publish a book with SAA Publications

The Bottom Line : Managing Library Finances
If you are concerned about how to manage your library finances then this journal represents an essential
management tool for information professionals such as yourself. Each issue is packed with in-depth
articles related to the financial management of libraries, which in turn help you manage your library
effectively. Coverage includes: quality editorial on fundraising, economics affecting libraries, brief notes
about grants, taxes and levies, internet connections, business trends, and outsourcing library functions.

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science
The Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science is a bimonthly publication that serves as the
newsletter of the Society and publishes short articles on a broad range of topics of current concern to
ASIS members. The magazine focuses particularly on material of interest to practitioners. Members and
other authors are encouraged to submit items for possible publication, such as reports of practice, public
policy, current legislation, standards, pilot projects, state-of-the-art reviews, or overviews of evolving
technology and its impact.; authors interested in developing material for a focused issue are urged to
contact the Editor directly. The Bulletin is not refereed, and is not suitable for scholarly publication.
Authors are encouraged to consider the Journal of the American Society for Information Science for the
publication of research results or formal accounts of practice that include literature reviews or systematic
evaluation of innovations.

Cataloging and Classification Quarterly
Cataloging & Classification Quarterly is respected as an international forum for discussion in all aspects of
bibliographic organization. It presents a balance between theoretical and applied articles in the field of
cataloging and classification, and considers the full spectrum of creation, content, management, and use of
bibliographic records. This includes the principles, functions, and techniques of descriptive cataloging;
the wide range of methods of subject analysis and classification; provision of access for all formats of
materials including electronic resources; and the policies and planning leading to the effective use of
bibliographic records in modern society.

Chronicle of Higher Education
The Chronicle of Higher Education is the academic world's No. 1 source of news and information. The
Chronicle welcomes letters to the editor and submissions for its Point of View and Opinion pages. Articles
on those pages are the only ones in the paper that are written by non-staff writers. The Opinion section
also contains the End Paper, which primarily features the work of faculty artists in recently published books
or current exhibitions; art exhibitions at college or university galleries; and art books published by
university presses or that include essays by scholars. The End Paper consists of one or more images
accompanied by text, usually (but not necessarily) excerpted from an exhibition catalogue, brochure,
artist's statement, or book.

College and Research Libraries
A scholarly research journal published by the Association of College & Research Libraries, College &
Research Libraries (C&RL) includes articles in all fields of interest and concern to academic and research
libraries. Well-written manuscripts on all aspects of academic and research librarianship will be
considered. Manuscripts may include research studies, case studies, descriptive narratives of successful
and unsuccessful ventures, thoughtful discussions of issues in librarianship, and other suitable subjects.

College and Research Libraries News
College & Research Libraries News (C&RL News) is the official news magazine and publication of record of
the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL). It maintains a record of selected actions and policy
statements of the association and publishes timely reports on the activities of ACRL and its units. C&RL
News publishes articles written by practitioners addressing philosophy and techniques of day-to-day
management of academic library services and collections. C&RL News provides current information
relating to issues, activities, and personalities of the higher education and research library field. User
education, technology, Internet resources, professional education, preservation, government actions that
affect libraries, public relations, acquisitions of special collections, grants to libraries, reports on
meetings, products, and the business of ACRL are covered in C&RL News.

Computers in Libraries
Computers in Libraries (CIL) is a monthly journal that provides complete coverage of the news and issues
in the rapidly evolving field of library information technology. Focusing on the practical application of
technology in community, school, academic, and special libraries. CIL includes discussions of the impact of
emerging computer technologies on library systems and services, and on the library community itself.

D-Lib Magazine (electronic only)
D-Lib Magazine is a monthly magazine about digital libraries for researchers, developers, and the
intellectually curious.
To submit ideas, write to:

Feliciter is the flagship publication of the Canadian Library Association
Contact"> for more information

Information Management and Computer Security
Information Management & Computer Security contributes to the advance of knowledge directly related to
the theory and practice of the management and security of information and information systems. It
publishes methodological developments, empirical studies and practical applications. Emphasis is placed
on systematic studies that contribute to the general understanding of the power and usefulness of
information and hence contribute to more effective management. It allows leading computer security
specialists from around the world to express their concerns, describe new techniques and discuss
strategies for achieving security objectives. Above all, the journal encourages the development of
information security consciousness and aims to present actionable ideas rather than theories.

Information Technology and Libraries
Information Technology and Libraries is a refereed journal published quarterly by the Library and
Information Technology Association, a division of the American Library Association. Information Technology
and Libraries publishes material related to all aspects of libraries and information technology, including
digital libraries, metadata, authorization and authentication, electronic journals and electronic publishing,
telecommunications, distributed systems and networks, computer security and intellectual property rights,
technical standards, geographic information systems, desktop applications, online catalogs and
bibliographic systems, optical information systems, software engineering, universal access to technology,
futuristic forecasting, library consortia, vendor relations, and technology and the arts.

Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship (electronic only)
A quarterly publication of the Science and Technology Section, Association of College & Research
Libraries, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship publishes substantive material of interest to
science and technology librarians. It serves as a vehicle for sci-tech librarians to share details of
successful programs, materials for the delivery of information services, background information and
opinions on topics of current interest, to publish research and bibliographies on issues in science and
technology libraries, and to communicate in more depth than the STS-L mailing list.

Journal of Academic Librarianship
The Journal of Academic Librarianship (JAL), an international and refereed journal, publishes articles that
focus on problems and issues germane to college and university libraries. JAL provides a forum for
authors to present research findings/  JAL also brings to the attention of its readers information about
hundreds of new and recently published books in library and information science, management, scholarly
communication, and higher education.

Journal of Electronic Publishing (electronic only)

The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) welcomes articles from scholars and practitioners in the field.
Scholarly articles will be subject to peer review under the usual procedures; other articles are typically
invited, although authors are welcome to suggest topics. Good ideas are always appreciated.
JEP is also interested in creating an archive of articles that cover electronic publishing. We will happily
consider articles or conference papers that may have appeared elsewhere. Of course, authors must hold
the copyright or get permission from the copyright holder to allow publication in JEP.

Journal of the American Society for Information Science
Periodically issues of JASIS include "Perspectives" issues. Perspectives are focused on one theme or
topic and are usually less scholarly than JASIS research articles, although many of the same standards for
quality and review apply. Perspectives are intended to inform readers on many aspects of a topic of cutting
edge or basic interest. They contain readable, in-depth articles that offer definition, social implications, and
meaning to the field of information science and practice without the inclusion of extensive and analytic
details. The editor and guest editor serve as reviewers of the invited articles.

Library Administration and Management

Library Administration & Management is the quarterly magazine of the Library Administration and
Management Association, a division of the American Library Association. Manuscripts should be of timely
and practical interest to those involved in a range of managerial roles in public, academic, and special
libraries. The some of the types of articles actively sought include: articles dealing in depth with a
management issue and having practical benefit to library administrators; articles highlighting a
methodology or technique that has been used successfully in one or several libraries to solve a
managerial problem; interviews with prominent library administrators or others in related fields, such as
vendors or publishers; and updates of LAMA committee section activities.

Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services

Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services (LCATS) provides a forum for the international
exchange of ideas and experiences among members of the library collection management,technical
services, vendor and publishing communities throughout the world. It is a comprehensive publication
designed to bring together many of the specializations within the broad areas of library collection
management and technical services including, but by no means limited to, acquisition of books and serials
in academic, public, school and special libraries; cataloging and authority control; outsourcing of technical
services operations; electronic publications; gifts and exchanges; microforms and other nonprint media,
such as electronic journals; document delivery; networking, resource sharing and access; and pertinent
library automation projects. In reflecting the broad, practical and theoretical foundations of the discipline,
LCATS publishes articles based on the practical work experiences of librarians, vendors and publishers as
well as research reports and papers on theory.
Instructions for authors
Library Hi Tech

Library Journal
Library Journal combines news, features, and commentary with analyses of public policy, technology, and
management developments. In addition, some 7500 evaluative reviews written by librarians help readers
make their purchasing decisions: reviews of everything from books, audio and video, CD-ROMs, websites,
and magazines. Each issue reviews 250 to 350 adult books, mostly prior to publication, making it a source
librarians as well as publishers turn to for early evaluations.
Contact the Editors for more information

Library Management
Library Management aims to publish articles of interest and value to senior managers and academics
within the library and information profession.The journal will discuss strategy and innovative
developments in the management of libraries and information services. It will also include papers
designed to assist in the development of research and the teaching of information and library management
as an academic discipline. It is our intention to maintain a sound balance between the theory and practice
of management. Contributors are encouraged to spell out the practical implications of their work. Articles
based on experiences and evidence - rather than mere philosophical speculation - will receive particular
encouragement. A series of short articles on a linked theme appearing in successive issues would be
Libraries and the Academy

Technical Services Quarterly
This journal keeps its readers informed of current developments and future trends in computers,
automation, and advanced technologies in the technical operations of libraries and information centers.  It
publishes up-to-the-minute information that technical services professionals and paraprofessionals need
to ease the transition of the changes in the field and take full advantage of automated systems that
ultimately make collections more accessible to users.        

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