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CAT IQ TEST and DOG IQ TEST by Dr Ronald Barnes is a
practical way for pet owners to evaluate the ability and
potential of their pets.
The tests are designed to simulate a game situation while
providing useful information that will allow pet owners to learn
different ways to improve their pets mental ability, quality of life
and to deepen the loving relationship that already exists.  
CAT IQ TEST is available from New Global Publishing Store at $19.95

       DOG IQ TEST is available from New Global Publishing Store at $19.95
Mustangs Wild Horses & Burros of the American West by Michelle Browning tells
the stories of adopted wild horses and burros from the ranges they once roamed to the hearts
and  homes across America.

The goal of this book is to extend help to the BLM's Wild Horse and Burros office by helping to
preserve and protect the American Wild Horse and Burro in their natural environment. To help
design a program suitable to help new adopters become familiar with the Wild horse and/or
Burro by providing videos that help take the new adopter through the beginning process of
gentling their newly adopted friend.
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Simple Things You Can Do To Carry Your Child Through School  by Dorothy L Sannes is
designed as a self-help tool for getting your student ready for kindergarten.  

Simple Things is a collection of basic things that you can do with your student. The ideas found within this book
require little to nothing. These are things that you do every day that can turn into a learning experience for your
Develop your child's reading, math, social, science and computer skills with "Simple Things"!
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Parenting Strategies for Building a Healthy and Pro-social Child by Rosana Nassar.
The main scope of this guide is to provide the modern family, educators, community, caregivers and guardians      
or any persons responsible for a child’s emotional, cognitive, psychological and physical development and growth,
with the
skills, education and information which may allow them to better cope with the burden of child rearing.  
This book also comes with a video on CD which can be watched on your home DVD player for your tv or
computer.   The video show presents strategies to deal with different children
(the only child, the first child, the
middle child, the youngest child, the oldest, the second and the adopted child
).  It also offers specific strategies to
be used with child misbehavior and parental attitudes towards children which may foster or inhibit healthy
development of children.  
$47.50 in addition, you receive a free copy of the guide.
Ecology (Spanish)
El Mundo es Así by Narciso De León, is a popular
interpretation based on the ancestral ecological vision.  
The respect for life and for humanity is emphasized in
the author's writing.

By reading this book will you be induced to discover a
world of mystery of green and of enigmas of the water.
El Brujo De La Luna y La Divinidad
is a Ecological-theological
Mayan interpretation that reveals the
causes of falling Empires that are
situated above the waters, composed of
people, nations and languages.  
El Brujo De La Luna y La Divinidad Escondida es una
interpretación teológica ecomayance contemporánea,
que  revela las causas de la ruina de los imperios que
se asientan sobre las aguas, que son pueblos,
muchedumbres, naciones y lenguas                

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El mudno es Así, de Narciso De Leon es una
interpretación popular que parte de uan visión
ecológica ancestral, respecto a la vida y por la
humanidad.  Su lectura le conducirá a descubrir El
Mundo Del Mistério Verde, y los Brujos del Água...

El Mundo es Asi, es disponible en nuestra tienda
por US $26.75
"Como un sueño de la mañana, la vida se vuelve más brillante mientras vivimos y la razón de todas las cosas parece
más clara, lo que nos ha preocupado antes nos parece menos misterioso y las sendas tortuosas nos parecen más
rectas cuando nos aproximamos al fin, no en vano habrémos vivído mucho.  

Verdaderas joyas de valor encontramos en todas las formas de literatura, sean estas referidas a los humanos,
animales y la naturaleza, pero sobre todo distinguen la conducta positiva del hombre hacia la vida del presente. Allí
supe un día que no se debe imponer la voluntad del hombre porque eso significa la violación de la libertad del
indivíduo y es la raíz de muchos de los males del mundo."

El Hombre Maravilla de la Naturaleza de Narciso De Leon le ayudará a descubrir su potencial  y su grandeza como
persona, le  asignará un lugar preponderante ante sus amistades y familia, pero sobre todas  las  cosas  contiene el
secreto para avanzar y progresar, encierra un misterio para librarnos de los malos hábitos y superarlos.

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Crafts, Children Education
SEW EASY FELT PUPPETS by Linda Stilson is a simple and easy as well as inexpensive way to make
easy felt puppets..  Can’t sew?  Use hot glue.
Children love hand puppets and having the opportunity to stand in front of the class and hold the puppet.  This is
an excellent way for them to be introduced to oral presentation, as standing in front of the class can be very scary
when they are five and shy.  
After reading a story to the class which uses words starting with the letter of the day, children patiently wait to be
called on to give their word for that letter.  Everyone gets a chance and this is a great way to learn to use
“resources” around the room or “act” out the word.
Children will love the character faces and using them for creative writing stories becomes a treasured book for
children as well as their parents.  Fairy tale puppets included in this  book are great for class to act out their
favorite fairy tale in their reading book, while the class narrates by reading their book.

Make learning fun for children by using puppets to reinforce the use of alphabet/phonogram letters
and learning.   Available from New Global Publishing at $22.25
Biographical Novels
Lake Corrine by Daniel Sonnentag is  a romantic thriller about the requital of true love.

Haigh Heaton is a thirty four years old when he decides to leave the business world of a major metropolitan city
behind and return to the old farmland homestead of his mother in order to build a man-made lake on the
property she has left for him.  
He encounters two problems with the law before the lake is complete.  One is a false charge of growing marijuana
on the land around the lake, and another is a charge of murder.   Along the journey of building the lake, the lead
character discovers he has a drinking problem.  The problems of building the lake contrast well with the problems
the man is facing in his heart and soul.  
The heroine, Corrine, whom the lake is named after, through her strength, love and understanding of God, brings
Haigh Heaton to spiritual enlightenment.  Haigh is reborn, coinciding with the birth of the Lake.  Haigh and Corrine
come to an understanding and completion of true love.  
The two books are available from New
Global Publishing at  $15.89
Great Westerns Books
"The Buckaroo Picks a Sunflower" by Vivian Cooper is one hilarious Great Western that you will ever read.
The  Buckaroo rides the range alone and loves it.  He picks up work where ever he can find it.  But an Indian
Princess comes into his life, upsetting it  totally. From this point on,  the two go through many adventures while
riding together in the desert.   

But the Cowboy and the Indian princess return to the tribe for a visit to the chief who is ill.   The cowboy decides to
marry the Indian Princess (Sunflower), but in order for him to be accepted to marry her, he is put through all sorts
of tests.

Vivian Cooper reveals the Indian culture while she tells a beautiful and amusing story.  This book is targeted to all
ages.  It;s humorous, but it's also educating, because it brings you back to the earlier days of our history.
"Buckaroo Picks a Sunflower" is available from New Global Publishing Store (12.85)
You've Been Bought and Paid For, My Darling"  by Vivian Cooper is a historical western novel that will
bring you back to the 1800's when the great western land was being disputed between the Indians, the  Spanish,
the English and French soldiers during the Spanish-American War.  One of the quarrels which affected a rancher,
a woman and her daughter, are told ingeniously in this book.  

The black Buffalo soldiers were well known for their bravery as they tried to keep the peace in the Arizona
territory. A wagon train is attacked by the renegades and all are killed but a small white boy, a black woman and
her small daughter who hid. A rancher with a small daughter takes the trio in and loves the boy like his own son.
They grow up together with the daughter in love with the boy. The girls go away to college and the rancher puts
half of the ranch in the boys name without his daughter's consent. She does forgive him. An older man with his
son and adopted daughter come saying he's the boy's uncle and should receive special favors. The girl has eyes
for the boy and tricks him. The rancher's daughter goes out in the desert to pray. The black woman's daughter
gets killed at a town meeting. The boy is kidnapped by the renegades for ransom. The Marshall comes to help
catch the renegades and rescue the boy. The boy marries the rancher's daughter.

"You've Been Bought and Paid For" is available from New Global Publishing Store (15.85)
Adventure Books
Northern Lights by Ron Nicolas narrates the adventures of a 19-year-old in the wilderness of northern
The adventures range from near-drowning to encounters with timber wolves and a hunt for a wolverine
and the legendary Witigo.  This story is presented as fiction, however, it is based on factual events with most of
the characters and places representing real people and places.

This is a great pictorial book.  The description of the scenes are amazingly vivid and the author has the ability to
transport the reader to the great outdoors.  
Using an elegant vocabulary and absolutely impeccable style, this book is a great piece of literary work to be read
by high school teens and English majors.  It teaches a style of glamorous and well written English.  

Northern Lights is available fro New Global Publishing store   at  $15.85
Poetry books
"Straight from the Heart"
by Christina V. Montgomery  
reveals the many phases of
marriage and the many faces
of love in the form of poetry.  
This book can be a perfect gift for Valentine's day,
Weddings or just for that special someone.  It
shows the nuances of relationships in very romantic
and poetic ways.   The poetry is at the same time
very beautiful but also very realistic. It speaks about
intimacy, unity, separation, reconciliation, fear,
perseverance, fidelity, passion and security in

Buy this book from New Global Publishing
Store ($9.50)
The First Love and The Eternal
Search for Love and Freedom
by Rosana B Nassar is a beautifully illustrated
spiritual book.  

The eternal feeling of fusion, ecstasy, intimacy
and trust that we felt in the first months of life in
the arms of the mother are forever remembered,
missed and desired inducing us to look for a
repetition of such moments throughout our entire

The search for love is endless, from birth to
death. It's our quest, it's our motive.  Love is the
omega. The beginning and the end.  It's what
motivates us all to fight for life, to conquer and to
accomplish wonders in this world.

The perfect romantic gift for mother's day,
valentine's day, birthdays and Christmas.  This
romantic book is also a spiritual guide that
explores patterns of relationships, loss,
separation and

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Publishing store (10.25)
Shattered Dreams and Broken hearts  by
Linda J Stilson is
"A Mother's Revelations and Struggles To
Cope With Grief Due To Suicide Of Her
Only Child
Expressing her grief through poetry, Linda
Stilson reaches out to others providing
comfort and promoting suicide awareness.
The author expresses the feelings she encountered
during her grief process in hopes that others
experiencing a loss by suicide can relate to and be of
some comfort to them.
One of Linda's poems which is featured in this book, "No
Greater Loss",  will be recorded by Kayla Frank,  in
Wilmington, NC.  in April'06.
Linda's book not only reveals the reality of loss of a
child, but it is also informative in the sense that it
contains concrete information to help those that are
contemplating suicide or those who have lost a child or a
loved one to it.    This book would be of great use to
counselors as it provides real guidelines and offers
spiritual support through poetry.   

Words for Life by Angela Lewis is a series of poetry
inspired by the Holy Spirit to divinely direct you in your
spiritual walk with God.  In Words for Life you will
discover God's ever-increasing grace and mercy for
mankind everywhere, from every walk of life.  You will
be captivated by the manner in which God will speak
to you about His unconditional love for all of us.

There is a divine message contained in every poem
and the scripture reference will take you to a new
level of understanding and intimacy with God that you
have never experienced before!

Words for Life is a book you will treasure for a lifetime.
 This is a great book to share with those you love and
it makes a great gift of encouragement to someone
that needs a "lift".

Bring some warmth and hope to someone!  Buy
this book from New Global Publishing Store!  Now
at  $11.95
Gee Gee Moore is a bright outlook about
human relationships, feelings, love,emotions, family
and life.  The poems can be a guide for those in
need of encouragement and understanding about
many life events.    It brings out good feelings and
makes one reflect upon memories that makes life
worth living.

Available from New Global Publishing Store
Poems From My Heart  by Marguerite Parker
is a beautifully illustrated book that has a
soothing message for every kind of occasion:
Christmas, Mother's day, God, Life and Living,
Nature, Courage and Time.  

From tales of humor to seriousness, the author
takes you on a decidedly ample look into her
soul through her poetry.

Available from New Global Publishing
Theology, Biblical Study Guides
Historical Novels
Memory Traces by Edson Teles  tells a story of faith and hope to humanity which is surrounded by war
poverty and distress, but which can be rescued by the Word of God.
The most valuable and powerful message that the author expresses in this book is that no matter how bad our
situation may be, we can find comfort in the Word of God.  It may lead us to do wonders in this world by
transforming despair into hope, suffering into comfort, and sorrow into joy.  It helps us repair the damages that
humanity has brought upon itself because of acts of violence, cruelty and brutality by bringing peace, hope and
healing instead to restore those who were left physically or emotionally wounded.
To illustrate that, the author goes back in time to a period of War (The Second World War).  In Austria, as an
American soldier who was fighting against the German's, the main character, Roni,  reencounters Marcus, a
boy who he had met several years ago, but who now is a man serving in the German army.  In the past, they
had made a bond through an act of generosity and benevolence of Roni.  But now, they were brought together
by fate as enemies.   In the battlefield, they meet face to face, at gunpoint.  Marcus, serving in the German
army, and Roni, in the American army.
Did they recognize each other? Read this impressive and grandiose story and find out what fate has to tell you.
Available from New Global Publishing Store at $17.50
You will not know what it is for a little girl to endure
years of abuse, shame, hurt and pain until you  read
“Daughter’s Tears.” by Dorothy L. Sannes
Although this is a fictional book, the story is based  
on reality.  The story will touch your soul, as it may
also help you face your own fears and heal together
with “Samantha”.
“A Daughters Tears” came from memories of a painful childhood.
Writing this book gave closure to a lot of the why’s and why not’s
that for years haunted her thoughts.

Available from New Global Publishing store at $18.75
Do you enjoy reading the Psalms, but only read a few because most  sound ancient or don't make sense in today's
 "To God's Heart" will motivate you to read them all.  Find out more about who wrote them, their
circumstances, and what they were really trying to say.  If you loved them before, you'll love them more after reading
this new paraphrase.
The casual reader, or one who uses the Psalms for devotions will enjoy reading this new paraphrase because it
takes them back to the time of its writing, and helps them share the psalmists' feelings. The more studious will
appreciate the historical elements, as well as the endnotes that offer in-depth references for further study.
Why pick out only those few Psalms you cherish, because they are the easiest to understand?  In doing so, you
miss out on very powerful and beautiful prayers and hymns that express the same feelings you'd have in similar
situation.  Make them all ones you'll turn to when needing inspiration, or words of encouragement for others.  

Available from New Global Publishing Store at $57.95

In contemporary world we travel increasingly. People travel for pleasure, study, work or for adventure. We are
always seeking to know new cultures, new customs and new flavors. There are people that, even without leaving
their home-country, wish to  improve  their  knowledge about  the  world of gastronomy  and  have  access  to
classic and original recipes, like the original American  apple  pie or the  traditional  Brazilian  feijoada. These
people  look  for  these  recipes on  gastronomy  sites, culinary TV programs and on  international books and

Aline Endres was born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She grew up in a culture where the tradition of having meals
with family members has been kept until today. Since she got her first gas stove and her first pans, when she was
eight years old, she started to explore the culinary world. She hasn't stopped ever since.

Guatemala Nuevos Retos, pone al descubierto el fenómeno indigenista, sus manifestaciones como cultura y la
manipulación ideológica a que se vió comprometido a ajustarse el poblador para sobrevivir y poder ahora rescatar y
expresar sus valores ancestrales y maneras de convivencia.

No es nada fácil, por supuesto, pero se tienen las suficientes agallas y la templanza humana para encaminarlos, así
como la sabiduría a su servicio para tales fines.

Esperamos que puedan corregirse esas limitantes que la han obstruido, y que mentes brillantes y honestas aporten a
nuestra patria en ese aspecto político que abriría la posibilidad para muchos jóvenes y mujeres de ser artífices de
nuestro destino como nación.

Nos conforma con saber que se están generando esas alternativas, que necesariamente darán frutos, como los árboles
que florecen en primavera y al final del verano recogemos en cosecha esos productos de tanto esfuerzo.

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Published &
Publishing Books  
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Science Fiction  (Spanish) Ficción Cientifica
"Zimbow, La Saga de un Perfume"-  Zimbow, el personaje de ficción central de los 3 libros abajo, consigue contar inusuales,
para no decir fantásticas historias sobre el Universo, llevando a los lectores a quedarse estupefactos
"Zimbow, La Saga de un perfume: Un
inconsecuente Inconcuso"
Este es el primer libro de la tríade que cuenta en
estilo eco-cósmico existencialista la historia de la
saga de un perfume emanado de dos flores del
Cerrado brasileño, que cuando florecen
simultáneamente, capturan e  impregna algunos
cerebros humanos que por descuido llegan a su
alcance, llevándolos a entrar en trance y a
contarnos una inusual, para no decir fantástica,
historia en que ese perfume Zimbow trata de
pasarse por un adorable ET muy alocado y


Disponible en nuestra tienda virtual por $21.30
"Zimbow, La Saga de un perfume: Hache Dos iOh!
Este es el segundo libro de la tríade que cuenta en estilo
eco-cósmico-existencialista la historia de como sería
ser un átomo y tener que recorrer ese largo camino,
enfrentando la obscuridad de la inconsciencia de vivir
como ladera de montañas, en el pedregullo o en el
limo de las piedras de las cascadas, en los bordillos
de las aceras, sin ninguna oportunidad de verse en un
espejo? Pero al vivir como mundo biológico tan
diverso estaría dando sustentabilidad a la vida, y un
día, quién sabe, estaría en los centros más importantes
del cerebro de un humano, ¡y de allá tener consciencia
que ese átomo ya eres tú!

Disponible en nuestra tienda virtual por $23.90
"Zimbow, La Saga de un perfume: No Llores el
Átomo Derramado.
Este es el tercero libro de la tríade que cuenta en
estiloeco-cósmico-existencialista. En este libro el
autor descubre, de manera inusual, que cuanto
más buscamos Ets allá afuera, más los
encontramos aquí mismo en la Terra. Ustedes no
van a creer en lo que irán a leer, porque el autor,
tanto fue inducido a profundar en los secretos del
átomo, que hizo una descubierta sorprendente.

Disponible en nuestra tienda virtual por $21.45