Your Presence on the web will increase your visibility and sales.  We can articulate a social media
network that will promote and offer exposure of your book to major online communities to get you
connected to millions of potential readers.  

Fast-growing social media sites like Facebook and MySpace and book-focused communities like Shelfari
and Goodreads, are just a few of them.  
This means that users will be able to find your pages when they search for information about you or your

Under this package we will also design a
special website for your book with passages of your book,
your author bio and other relevant pages which will increase your visibility.  Following that, we can
launch your campaign for further promotion.

The Social Media Package offers your book the following features:

WEB site under our own domain designed exclusively for your book (with at least 4 pages or more -
we provide maintenance of your site for at least one whole year, but if you prefer, you may take over the
maintenance fee (usually between $4.00 to $9.00 dollars per month, to have it indefinitely).
A blog using easy to use platform.
A Facebook profile for your identity as an author.
A Facebook page for your book.
A MySpace page for your book.
A Flickr account that is integrated with your social network.
A Shelfari social book account.
A Goodreads social book account.
A LibraryThing book-cataloging account.
A Twitter micro-blogging account.  

You can further personalize these tools by adding stuff, pictures or editing at your own taste, as we
provide you with log-in information, as well as instructions.

This service establishes your book and/or your future books with the online community and increases
your potential to reach readers that you wouldn't reach otherwise, thus increasing your sales.
Book Publishing and Book Marketing at New Global Publishing
Social Media Starter Package will give your book exposure to the market and make
your presence as an author on the web through many available channels.
New Global Publishing
Publishing a book with New Global Publishing means placing your book in the book market and through all available
channels to make your book a success.
Social Media Pack

Current NGP authors or NEW authors:

Add the SOCIAL MEDIA pack  to any one of our packages for $825
and see your sales grow!!!

The social media Starter Package is already
Double UpgradedPlus Book publishing package
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