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Authors Success Stories
Dorothy Sannes' newly published novel, A Daughter's Tears, has been ordered by major chain
stores and trade businesses. It made presence at our distributor's catalog where 36,000 outlets
(including libraries and bookstores) received and reviewed her book.  Daughter's Tears will be
displayed at the London Book Fair '08.  

Dorothy Sannes has been a guest speaker at Acashya radio station where she spoke about her
second newly published book,
 "Simple Things You Can Do To Carry Your Child Through
.  Her interview is available on-line at this link.

"Simple Things" has gotten many requests from Newspaper's reviewers as a reflection of the  
interest from the community of parents and teachers.   
Dorothy's books are simple to understand and are really powerful in a way that it translates  
real life experiences in tools to succeed. Great Job, Dorothy!
Debi DeSantis has won the Editor's Choice award for outstanding achievement in
Poetry, and has been nominated the Poet of the Year  2005.

She was inducted as an
International Poet of Merit  by the International Society of
Poets in August 2005.

Debi is the author of one of our most educating and gracious children's books,
"A Bunch of Giggles and Hugs" which is a beautifully illustrated poetry book.
She is currently working on writing her first fictional Novel.  
Congratulations, Debi, for your outstanding accomplishments!
This is Linda's very first book
signing event in her first
semester as an author.  Linda
plans to continue to do book
signing events through local
libraries and bookstores this year.

Some of Christina's accomplishments were:
Famous Poets
Famous Poet 2002 - Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence
Famous Poet 2003 - Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence
Famous Poet 2005 - Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence

The International Library of Poetry and
Nominated for Poet of the Year 2005

Received the Editors' Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
(April 2004) for the poem "We are Blessed".
Sound of Poetry - "We are Blessed"
Letters from the Soul - "Jumping Fences"

International Society of Poets
Nominated for Poet of the Year 2002
"Jumping Fences"

Most of Christina's above mentioned poems are compiled in her most recent
published book
"Straight From The Heart" proudly edited and published by
New Global Publishing.  Soon you will be able to listen to some Christina's
greatest poems on-line.  Christina's book of poems
"Straight From The Heart" is
available from New Global Publishing Store.
Congratulations, Christina, for your talent and artistic ability!  
Edson Teles' historical Novel, Memory Traces, has been in the screen of Globo International
Television station on  June'07, when it made its first appearance in the media.  The style of
Edson's writings is vivid and keeps one interested from beginning to end.  This is why the success
of his book is climbing up.   Memory Traces is being displayed at the London Book Fair this year.
Read more about Memory Traces.