New Global Publishing -  About us
New Global Publishing is more than a book
Publisher, it is a book marketer,  a book illustrator
and a book editor.  

We are a Children's book publisher,
a Poetry book publisher, a Christian book publisher,
a Fiction book publisher, a Non-fiction book
publisher, a Novel Publisher, and an academic book
publisher. We publish fiction, non-fiction, spirituality,
religion, self-help, children's books, novels, youth
literature, academic books, poetry, psychology and
related subjects.   
We are particularly interested in Historical Novels
or Historic non-fiction or Political books as we can
work towards getting your book to feature on C-Span.
The spirit behind New Global Publishing is the
belief in freedom of speech as an instrument of
cure, liberation and expression of the human soul.
 New Global Publishing also believes that books
are true instruments of education of children,
youngsters and adults who are in search for
intellectual and spiritual growth.  Our books focus
on spirituality, education, psychology, fiction,
non-fiction, poetry and many other subjects.  
Our skillful and friendly staff will work with you on a one on
one basis.  We will be there before the publication of your
book, during production of, and  after your book is published
to follow through with advertisement campaigns and schedule
you for book signing events, interviews and advise you with
the best marketing strategy for your targeted audience.
New Global Publishing is a member of the Publishers Marketing Association and The American Society of Journalists
and Authors where we participate in events,  campaigns and annual book festivals and conventions.  
At New Global publishing we value your book publishing efforts by offering you the best book publishing
programs.  As a book publisher New Global Publishing will publish, market and give you the best quality of
Publishing a book with New Global publishing will lead authors to the right direction towards the book
publishing market.

New Global Publishing is participating in the judging of Benjamin Franklin Awards which is a worldwide book fair
that takes place in New York.    If you would like to submit your book to this award, please refer to our
Marketing tools page and send us an e-mail with your book information.  We will send you the necessary
application forms and will register your book for this event on your behalf if you are publishing or have published
with us this year.  All entries are accepted as long as they are published in the current year.

book publishing services offer you a comprehensive program that will  make your book available to libraries
and bookstores to place purchase orders.

Children's books are welcome! We have a special package for
children's book authors.    If you are a children's book author click here.
To request information about our services please send us a request form.  

To submit your manuscript on-line visit our services page.  Submitting your
manuscript on line is easy and fast.  

If you are one of our publishing authors, a library, retailer or distributor and would like to
contact our
Customers Service Dept., please call
                                                                                  Phone: 772-335-1271 or  Chat

If you are a writer and need  information on our different publishing programs, please dial
1-877-456-8422  x 1

To order a book dial 1-877-456-8422  x 2, or you may also make your purchase online
through our virtual secure store by following the link "Books".

Mailing address:
New Global Publishing
2310 SE Bordeaux Ct.
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952
We publish books & educational media
such as audio books and video books
(books made into film trailers - the last
novelty of New Global Publishing)