NG Publishing - Triple UpgradedPLUS Program
"Forword Magazine" (circulation to 3,500 bookstores)
"Targeted Mailings through PMA's catalog (circulation to 3,600 libraries)
"or $250 credit
towards an ad on second page of Publisher's Weekly Magazine) - with
book cover picture included and description of your book.
You may also choose from any of the packages under our
Traditional Marketing page.

Here is what we offer you with this program in addition to Advertisement above:   (all
books are provided an ISBN #s and Bar code)
 PROFESSIONAL EDITING SERVICES (Correction of punctuation, sentence
structure, spelling and grammar check); Typesetting of your manuscript.
2.  Cover design (just give us your cover idea or send us your graphic art)
3.  Your book and cover featured at major on-line
bookstores such as ready to be ordered on-line.  
4.  Your book included at 25,000 libraries and bookstores databases ready for
orders and listed with Bowker Books in print.
Your book included in the special returnable program with Baker &             
Taylor and printed in Off Set so that it will be available for ordering and     
distribution to bookstores and libraries nationwide.
6.  Free ebook setup and sale on our site.
7.  You receive 50 copies of your finished book.
8.  Your book cover and description featured in one of the above Advertisement catalogs
9. The Social Media Starter package - (Read more about the
10.  Publisher Editorial review featured at on-line bookstores
11. Back cover featuring text and author picture

This program's full cost is $3,335 dollars if your book is up to 100 pages long
(5.50 x 8.50).  For books
exceeding 150 pages,  a fee of $50 dollars will be
added to your total for every set of 50 pages.

PUBLISH NOW(on-line submission) -
(Pay half at the beginning of the editing process and second half before your
book is sent to printing and marketing channels)
 Contact us for details

In addition, with this package you receive COMPLETE COVERAGE as far as Media Advertisements and
traditional Advertisements.  This means that we will also promote your book through the use of not only
Social Media Network, but also through Online distribution to more than 250,000 subscribers through RSS,
PRWeb’s Mobile Network, eMediaWire, Yahoo! News and Topix and made available to Google News.
Targeted distribution to five industry targets and two regional news feeds, reaching industry-specific websites
and blogs, Sharing your news on Twitter, and increasing your book's visibility with social bookmark links.

Finally, and
second most powerful feature of this package is the distribution through the Associated Press to
top US newspapers
. We will send a press releases of your book once when you launch your book in the
market and whenever you schedule a book signing event. This release will go directly to top newspapers like
USA Today. Within this release, a VIDEO Trailer of your book may be embedded to get more media

Like the Upgraded your book will also feature at major on-line bookstores such as and
BarnesandNoble and it will also be registered in our
fully returnable program with our distributors allowing
your books to be ordered by regular bookstores.  
It will also be  in most bookstores databases for ordering Nationwide.  
Under this package your book will also be
professionally EDITED from beginning to end - consideration
is given to all aspects of your writing (not just spelling and punctuation) - we will correct sentence structure
(syntax errors), comprehension functionality (Coherence, style, grace, flowing of paragraphs and phrases, and
clarity of sentence)

With this program your books will also be featured in one of the book catalogs below.
This package includes all the features of the Double UpgradedPlus program PLUS the  FULL Social Media Package)
New Global Publishing
Social Media Pack